On Friday,  March 16th, 5 of the 7 school committee members voted to close Wakefield Elementary School.  Thank you to Alycia Collins and Emily Cummiskey for voting to keep one of our important elementary schools open!

The contact information for those 5 School Committee members is below.

Roland Benjamin, Chair  rbenjamin@sksd-ri.net        

Scott Mueller, Vice-Chair  smueller@sksd-ri.net

Michelle Brousseau  mbrousseau@sksd-ri.net

Kate McMahon Macinanti  kmacinanti@sksd-ri.net

Raissa Mosher   rmosher@sksd-ri.net 



Does Wakefield Elementary need to close? NO

Was the process for closing WES fair and transparent? NO

Will SK schools gain money for programs or staffing? NO

Is enrollment dropping dangerously low at WES? NO

Can things be done to increase enrollment at WES? YES

Is keeping WES open important for Downtown? YES

Will tax revenue suffer with the closing of WES? YES



Protect our Elementary Schools

Matunuck- Peace Dale- Wakefield -West Kingston

United We Stand!